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Alarms, Monitors, Data Loggers and Control Systems for Critical High and Low Temperature Applications.


Hampshire Controls Corp. is a woman-owned small business with an established reputation for designing and manufacturing lab-grade monitors, alarms, controls and data logging systems for a wide variety of applications. We've been providing customer solutions since 1975!

Our most recognized products include high / low temperature freezer and cooler monitor, alarm and backup control systems, bio-pharma / medical product temperature verification systems, air flow monitors, wireless GSM transportation monitors, and network-integrated data loggers. All of our products are designed to precisely monitor temperature, humidity, pressure, and/or flow conditions in literally any type of storage and usage environment.

Our products are most often used in biological and pharmaceutical research, medical storage, food processing, bio-medical and food transportation, and facilities maintenance applications. However, since we provide customized engineering solutions, our products are also used in other applications. Just ask us!

Typical product features and options include single / multiple sensors, varied sensor types (and operating ranges), battery back-up operation, auto alarm notification (via email and SMS), audible and visual alarm indication, network integrated data logging, wireless transmission of data, and ease-of-use.

Hampshire Controls Corp. products are all "Made in the USA" (CAGE CODE: OH2P8, NAICS CODES: 334513, 334519) and our expert technical support is always available to customers, distributors and OEM's.

If you're looking for a high-accuracy process alarm monitoring, control and/or data logging solution, then give us a call at 866-496-9424 (USA/Canada), or 603-749-9424. Our in-house technical staff will be happy to advise you on the best solution for YOUR needs!

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