About Hampshire Controls Corporation

Since 1976 Hampshire Controls Corp. has been a leader in the design and manufacture of environmental monitors, alarms and data loggers for process and quality control. Based in Dover, New Hampshire, we are well known in the laboratory research, medical, hospital, biopharma, food/restaurant, governmental research and industrial manufacturing markets.

We are best known for our temperature/humidity monitoring/alarm systems used inside freezers and refrigerators for cold storage of foods, vaccines, biogenic materials. We also provide specialty products that are used in laboratory research. These include freezer alarm/backup coolant injection systems for ultra-cold freezers, coolant level alarms for freezers and dewars, air flow monitor/alarms for bio safety cabinets and laminar flow hoods, lab temperature verification systems and remote PC-based Ethernet network data logger/alarm notification systems that integrate with our many monitoring modules.

Our product mix enables us to solve virtually any environmental monitoring application you may have. If you need to monitor and document sensor data such as temperature, humidity, pressure, voltage, air flow and more, then we can help you! We're can fully customize our systems because we design and manufacture everything within the U.S.A..

Hampshire Controls Corp. is a woman-owned small business that provides exceptional engineering and support services to our customers, distributors and OEM's. Government CAGE code: 0H2P8, NAICS codes: 334513, 334519.

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