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Hampshire Controls: Custom Products

Hampshire Controls designs and manufactures a wide range of customized multi-probe monitoring, logging and hi/low alarm systems for ultra cold temperature freezer and refrigerator OEMs, laboratories, medical and Pharma users, for restaurant applications, and to monitor and optimize advanced manufacturing processes. Tell us about your application and we'll tailor a solution for you!

Customization examples for Hampshire Controls products:

  • Modified Model T Sentry Monitor Alarm System Modules:

    - Special inputs.
    - Wireless sensors.
    - Specialized sensor types.
    - Extended time delays for alarming.
    - Larger remote displays.
    - Battery powered operation.
    - Integration into remote "real-time" PC-based Ethernet network data logger/alarm.
    - Custom panel (package) size.

  •  Modified Model MPS Multi-sensor Monitor Alarm System Modules:

    - Custom software for specified monitoring and alarm sequences.
    - Multiple control outputs for process over/under temperature shutdown.
    - Varied sensor quantities and types for specialized SPC and condition monitoring.
    - Use of wireless sensor probes.
    - Integration into remote "real-time" PC-based Ethernet network data logger/alarm.
    - Custom panel (package) sizes.

  • AC Phase Controls: Both regulated and open-ended controls can be packaged with line cord, fuses for general laboratory/shop use, or encapsulated with flying leads or tab terminals for OEM applications. Here are some examples:

    - Low DC component for split phase motors.
    - Line voltage compensated phase control (blower).
    - Fully voltage regulated (large blower).
    - DC output for permanent magnet motors.
    - Isolated digital or voltage input control.


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