For many years, Hampshire Controls has worked closely with a wide range of research labs in order to develop specialized data acquisition, monitoring, alarm and logging systems for a wide range of applicatons. As a result, our sensor-based monitoring and alarm modules and our Ethernet network logging and alarm notification systems work together, and are ideal for pharmaceutical research, genetic research, virus research, vaccine research/development, and energy research applications.

Model MPS Series Monitor alarm Module
Sensor Based Monitor Alarm Module.

By using one or more lab monitoring/alarm sensor modules and/or a multi-group WiFi Ethernet network monitor/logger we can enable researchers to quickly and effciently identify and react to storage and usage conditions that could negatively impact important scientific materials and experiments. For users in this application space, it's critical to be able to rapidly an efficiently act to protect biological samples from damage to ensure that basic research, data analysis and statistical process control can continue unhindered.

The best choice for your needs depends upon the size of your laboratory, the number of separate user data groups involved and the associated monitoring and analysis requirements you have. Sensor configurations for data acquisition inputs most often involve temperature and humidity, however any combination of, temperature, humidity, pressure, voltage and/or air flow can be monitored and/or logged..

For upgradeability, all of our sensor-based monitoring/alarm systems have been engineered to optionally integrate with our feature-rich, Ethernet network AMS logger and alarm notification system - in order to meet the demanding needs of today’s laboratories.

Click here to learn more about our wired and/or wireless Ethernet network data loggers and alarm notification systems, view some case studies and learn how they integrate into our standard monitor/alarm modules.

Model AMS Ethernet Network Data Logger Alarm Notification System

Model AMS Logger/Alarm Notification System with Integrated Sensor Modules.