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Hampshire Controls Corp. is proud to announce the launch of its MPS, "Multi Probe Alarm System."

This new stand-alone series monitors alarms and notifies you based on condition data that you have programmed into the system (using up to 4 probes of various types). It includes a relay output per probe, a battery back-up system, setting of min/max environmental monitoring and alarm conditions, an e-mail, phone/email/SMS alarm notification system and can be operated remotely via optional Wi-Fi. This unit can also be connected to our new "Alert Monitoring System."

MPS 4-Probe Alarm Monitoring System for Condition-Sensitive Applications
MPS 4 - 4-Probe Temperature Alarm Monitor

Applications include:
• Freezer, refrigerator, and walk-in cooler "cold chain" storage of viruses, blood and plasma.
• Bio Pharma material storage.
• Foods and perishable storage (such as in restaurants, grocery stores, and food processing centers).
• Servers rooms/data centers and general facilities maintenance.
• High temperature manufacturing and storage.

For more detailed information on this product, please visit its product page at:
MPS Series 2, 3 and 4 Probe Alarm System.




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