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Case Study Conducted with the University of Colorado's Anschutz Medical Campus Lab by Students from the University of New Hampshire's Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics.
- June 6, 2018 -

We were honored to work with students and faculty at the University of New Hampshire's Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics to enable them to write a "real-world" case study involving one of our long-time customers; the University of Colorado's, Anschutz Medical Campus Lab.

Like many of our other medical and laboratory customers, we provided systems to help solve a serious cold storage problem involving research viruses and other medical-related biological samples. After an application review, we recommended the use of our Model T Sentry 140 temperature alarm/monitoring systems.

For further information, please download the case study PDF from the link on the T Sentry 140 page.

Case Study Applications for Our Model AMS Logger/Alarm
Remote Wifi PC-Based Ethernet Networking System.
- May 3, 2017 -

Hampshire Controls monitoring products integrated into an AMS networked data logging/alarm system
Above: Hampshire Controls process monitoring products integrated
into a networked AMS Ethernet data logging/alarm system.

Hampshire Controls Corp. is proud to announce new integrated networking applications for our “AMS” (Alert Monitoring System) data logger/alarm systems and related Hampshire Controls monitoring products.

Flexcon Industries is a leading manufacturer of coated and laminated films and adhesives. They have purchased an AMS data logging system to work with existing Hampshire Controls monitor/alarm systems for real-time, continuous monitoring and logging of various environmental conditions in their manufacturing process. They are measuring eight temperature locations within their serpentine composite convection oven while collecting temperature and humidity data from their epoxy winding stations. Flexcon is using the MPS-8 with eight, Type K thermocouples within the oven and one, TT-150HT that monitors both temperature and humidity at another location. All data is transmitted via Wi-Fi to the AMS system. With complete data integration, they are continuously logging and analyzing data to fully document and enhance their manufacturing processes.

The laboratory at the Harvard Chan School of Public Health conducts advanced biomedical research. They are using the AMS system along with six, Hampshire Controls Model TT-200 battery-operated temperature transmitters with Type T thermocouples. The units send data via Wi-Fi to the AMS system for continuous temperature logging/alarming of all six, liquid nitrogen dewars. The LN2 freezers store the biological samples used for their research. These biological samples must be stored within a safe “cold chain” temperature range to ensure that ongoing research can effectively conducted.

Hampshire Controls Corp. has an upcoming Alert Monitoring System installation at the Honduran Red Cross. The system will be used to tie existing Hampshire Controls products into networked monitoring and logging of blood bank refrigerators and walk-In coolers at their main building, and at a satellite facility. Four existing Hampshire Controls MPS-4 temperature monitors will transmit their data via Ethernet interface to the AMS and their internal network. The MPS-4 units will monitor “door ajar” switches for each refrigerator – a major alarm condition trigger. The remote facility will use an MPS-2 for monitoring/logging of temperature within a walk-in cooler.

For over 40 years Hampshire Controls Corp. has been a leading manufacturer of stand-alone temperature monitors, alarms and data loggers widely used in commercial and lab-grade applications where refrigerators, freezers, and walk-in coolers are used for cold storage. Since our products are designed for customization, they can be used in virtually any application where it’s necessary to monitor, log and alarm for temperature over time, or any combination of temperature, humidity, pressure, voltage and/or air flow over time. Our systems help you meet industry, state and/or federal process documentation requirements.

Please visit our Alert Monitoring System product page.


Hampshire Controls Corp. Announces It's
MPS Series, Multi Sensor Type Monitor/Alarms.

This new stand-alone MPS series monitors alarms and notifies you based on environmental conditions you've programmed into the system (using up to 4 probes of various types). It includes a relay output per probe, a battery back-up system, setting of min/max environmental monitoring and alarm conditions, an e-mail, phone/email/SMS alarm notification system and can be operated remotely via Wi-Fi. This unit can also be integrated into our "Alert Monitoring System."

MPS 4-Probe Alarm Monitoring System for Condition-Sensitive Applications
MPS Series, multi-sensor temperature monitoring system

Applications include:
• Freezer, refrigerator, and walk-in cooler "cold chain" storage of viruses, blood and plasma.
• Bio Pharma material storage.
• Foods and perishable storage (such as in restaurants, grocery stores, and food processing centers).
• Servers rooms/data centers and general facilities maintenance.
• High temperature manufacturing and storage.

Visit the MPS Series multi-sensor monitor alarm system product page.

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