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January 19th, 2015

Hampshire Controls Corp. is proud to announce the launch of its MPS, "Multi Probe Alarm System."

This new stand-alone series monitors alarms and notifies you based on condition data that you have programmed into the system (using up to 4 probes of various types). It includes a relay output per probe, a battery back-up system, setting of min/max environmental monitoring and alarm conditions, an e-mail, phone/email/SMS alarm notification system and can be operated remotely via optional Wi-Fi. This unit can also be connected to our new "Alert Monitoring System."

MPS 4-Probe Alarm Monitoring System for Condition-Sensitive Applications
MPS 4-Probe Temperature Alarm Monitor - 4-Sensor Configuration

Applications include:
• Freezer, refrigerator, and walk-in cooler "cold chain" storage of viruses, blood and plasma.
• Bio Pharma material storage.
• Foods and perishable storage (such as in restaurants, grocery stores, and food processing centers).
• Servers rooms/data centers and general facilities maintenance.
• High temperature manufacturing and storage.

For more detailed information on this product, please visit its product page at:
MPS Series 2, 3 and 4 Probe Alarm System.



May 15th, 2013

Hampshire Controls Introduces Worlds's Only Freezer Alarm AND Freezer
Closed-Loop Control System Using Carbon Dioxide OR Liquid Nitrogen Injection

Model CA 5000 Series Freezer Alarm and Freezer Control System by Hampshire Controls

The Model CA5000 Series Are THE FIRST Freezer Alarm Systems That Incorporate Closed-Loop Freezer Control Using Cryogenic Backup Coolant Injection.

Hampshire Controls CA 5000 N and the CA 5000 are a new series of freezer alarm temperature systems that uniquely incorporate closed-loop freezer control of internal temperature.

The Model CA5000 Series offers unparalleled security for products stored in ultra-low temperature freezers, walk-in coolers and environmental chambers that operate using either liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide. Both systems provide user-programmable alarm temperature settings, freezer control set points and alarm delay times. In addition, all operating parameters are stored in non-volatile memory - for continuous operation in the even of main power failure.

Customer supplied cryogenic coolant is injected into the freezer chamber in a controlled fashion if a cooling system malfunction should occur. This prevents both the freezer and its contents from warming above established "safe storage" temperature. This advanced system allows the HIGHEST LEVEL OF SAFE PRODUCT STORAGE - far beyond what ANY other basic freezer alarm monitoring system has to offer.

The CA5000 N and CA 5000 are both very simple to operate. Just plug-in the unit, place the probe in the freezer chamber. The unit will continuously display the temperature of that location, and maintain it like never before.

* An internal battery with charger keeps the alarm running for at least 24 hours after a power outage.
* "BAT" indicator warns of a disconnected or low backup battery condition.
* Backup time of at least 48 hours on one 65 liter cylinder of LN2 at -65°C set point.
* Independent user-programmable controls for system alarms and LN2 injection.
* Visible and audible indicators for system status.
* Multiple programmable alarms available to minimize nuisance or false alarms.
* Relay output for central alarm systems or automatic dialers.
* A door safety interlock switch prevents LN2 injection while freezer is being accessed.

Click this link for more product information on the Model CA 5000 N and CA 5000


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