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Lab Grade Refrigerator/Freezer/Cooler Alarms,
Monitors and Data Loggers.

For over 40 years Hampshire Controls Corp. has been a leading manufacturer of "stand-alone" temperature alarms, monitors and data loggers for food service, government, and laboratory cold chain storage applications (wherever conditions within refrigerators, freezers, and coolers must be maintained consistently). Our products are perfectly-suited to help you meet any industry, state, and/or federal standard - whether you need to monitor just temperature, or any combination of temperature, humidity, pressure, voltage and/or flow.

Alarm, Monitoring and Data Logging Product Family - Hampshire Controls Corp
Above: Hampshire Controls WiFi Alarm/Monitors with "AMS" Data Logger.

Typical Product Applications:

1. Hospital/medical: Blood and blood plasma refrigerator/freezer storage.
2. Freezer vaccine and organic tissue storage.
3. Food service/restaurant walk-in cooler storage.
4. Human milk bank cold storage.
5. Laboratory cold chain storage (per CAP and JACO standards).
6. Environmental monitoring of server rooms and entire buildings.

Our alarm and monitoring products have been designed to integrate into our "Alert Monitoring System" data logger. This enables you to purchase exactly what you need based on your application and budget.

In addition, our data logging systems allow you to use your own SQL-based data analysis software and your own servers! Why do we do this you ask? Well, we don't want to "up-charge" you by locking you into our own proprietary cloud-based approach (with data limits, sample rate limits, and continuous usage fees). Instead, we feel that YOU should be able to collect and store your data using your own approved in-house setup - which may include your own cloud service provider!

Notable monitor/alarm features and options: Wireless (WiFi) and wired operation, single or multiple sensors (and sensor types), variable sensing ranges, variable hi-low alarm indication, door ajar indication, battery back-up operation, coolant injection for ultra cold freezers, auto-dial alarm notification (via email, SMS and/or phone), audible/visual alarms and simple setup of all operating parameters.

Hampshire Controls Corp.: CAGE CODE: 0H2P8, NAICS CODES: 334513, 334519. Our products are proudly made in the U.S.A.

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