Model T° Sentry ALERT Monitoring System: Product  Information

Model AMS Ethernet Multi Sensor Data Logger Monitor Alarm System.
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Key Features:

  • Data logging for temperature and other physical parameters (RH%, CO2, etc.), event logging, and alarm condition notifications.
  • Real-time data visualization in a variety of formats for single or multiple sensors.
  • Independent sensor channel configuration and monitoring.
  • Interactive floor plans showing sensor locations and real-time sensor status.
  • Email server settings, including contact groups and notification schedules.
  • Email and/or SMS text alerts for system startup, shutdown, power, login, communication failures, sensor alarm, and sensor power conditions.
  • Generation and distribution of reports at preferred frequencies with sensor readings, statistics, and logged sensor and system events.
  • Password protected authentication for restricted users (guests), limited users, and advanced users (administrators).
  • Automated SQL database backup.
  • Remote access through any modern web browser.

System Overview:

The T° Sentry ALERT Monitoring System (AMS) is a feature rich, PC-based, SQL database real-time monitoring, logging and alarm notification program that interfaces with specific Hampshire Controls monitoring systems - including the TT-150 & TT-200 Battery Operated Wi-Fi Temperature Transmitter/Alarm, the MPS Multi-Probe Monitor/Alarm, and the Model T° Sentry 140 Single Probe Temperature Monitor/Alarm.

The T° Sentry ALERT Monitoring System software can log data from any probe sensing a physical parameter that outputs current or voltage including temperature, humidity, pressure, air flow, positional displacement, switch status, etc. Sensor data is stored to the SQL database at a programmable frequency.

The AMS software also logs and sends conditional emails to configurable contact groups for critical system events including sensor alarm conditions, recovery from alarm condition, loss of power, system shutdown, failed logins, etc.

The software provides intuitive, yet powerful, tools for network configuration, setting administrator and user login credentials, generating floor plans with icons depicting sensor locations and status, customizing sensor interface parameters (unit ID, sensor description, low and high alarms levels, etc.), and formatting daily reports (charts, statistical data, event logs, and more).

The status page quickly displays the condition of all sensors in tabular form. Single or multiple sensors may also be visualized in tabular data logs, charts, dashboards, and gauge-like graphics, providing real-time, rapid visual sensor status in easily interpretable formats. The software is customized for your needs..

Some Applications:

The T° Sentry ALERT Monitoring System data logging software allows you to meet state and federal compliance guidelines in:

• Research laboratories.

• Medical and pharmaceutical laboratories.

• Pharmaceutical manufacturing.

• Vaccine and biologic cold storage applications.

The AMS software has been engineered to be used in virtually any application where continuous sensor monitoring, alarm indication, and process verification and documentation are required.

View a slideshow of actual AMS operating screens courtesy Mother's Milk Bank Northeast.

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