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Remote Ethernet Network Monitor/Logger (with alarm indication)
for Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Voltage and Air Flow Applications.

Model AMS (Alert Monitoring System): Product Information


  • PC-based software for the continuous monitoring, alarm indication and logging of key environmental process data.
  • SQL server compatibility enables customized SQL report generation - compatible with "off-the-shelf" programs.
  • Sensor data modules interface via remote AND wired connections.
  • Compatible with Hampshire Controls sensor monitor modules (MPS Series, T140, T140-200, TT150 and TT250).
  • Virtually-unlimited environmental sensor inputs are possible for continuous process monitoring and logging of temperature, humidity, pressure, voltage, air flow and other parameter.
  • Multi-user access capability and wireless network integration.
  • Data sampling rate is user-configurable - down to once a minute.
  • Compatible with third-party backup tools.
  • Built-in network notification client.
  • Data inputs can be BOTH wired AND wireless.
  • Comprehensive programmable functions.
  • Audible and visual alarms.
  • Available for 21 CFR Part II FDA compliance.
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Product Overview:

The Model AMS (Alert Monitoring System) is a SQL-based wireless PC data logger and alarm notification system for real-time process monitoring of lab. industrial and commercial applications. The system also enables the integration of existing Hampshire Controls Corp. monitoring product modules via WiFi AND/OR wired connections.

The Model AMS data logger/alarm notification system comes with standard operating software. However, other SQL-based data analysis software can be used as well. As for network data storage, we DO NOT require you to use proprietary cloud-based data reporting software at an additional charge. This "up-sell approach" costs you money over time and may provide sampling rates that are incompatible with your process documentation requirements. However, you CAN utilize an approved cloud vendor for data storage as YOU see fit.

The AMS system is ideal for applications involving hospital/blood bank blood and plasma storage, laboratory biological sample storage, food storage, server room monitoring and manufacturing process monitoring. Basically, it is designed to work in any situation where you need to monitor, analyze and document any combination of temperature, humidity, pressure, voltage and/or air flow.

Download a PDF Presentation of the System in Operation by a User.

Model AMS Product Documentation:

AMS 'Alert Monitoring System' Standard Operating Manual

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