Model AMS Product Information.

Model AMS Ethernet Multi Sensor Data Logger Monitor Alarm System.
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Key Features:

  • For use with our MPS Series, T 140 Series and TT 150/250 Series monitoring modules.
  • Utilizes PC-based Ethernet software for network monitoring, logging and alarm level event indication of sensor data (based on module sensor configuration).
  • All data and events are logged to a SQL database.
  • Interactive remote access available through web browser interface.
  • Data logging rate is user-configurable down to once a minute.
  • Compatible with third-party backup tools.
  • Alert high/low condition notifications are received via email or text message.
  • Available for 21 CFR Part II FDA compliance.
  • Enables you to meet American Pharma safety compliance guidelines (FDA, JCAHO, VFC, AABB and State Board of Pharmacy).
  • Other user configurable options available.

System Overview:

The Model AMS (Alert Monitoring System) base system is a SQL-based Ethernet logger with high/low alert sensor status notification system. It is used for process documentation and SPC in laboratory, medical and industrial manufacturing applications. Used along with our continuous monitoring and modules (Models T-140, MPS Series and TT-150/250) it provides an excellent means to collect various types of sensor data via WiFi and/or wired connection.

The AMS data logger base unit is PC-based with operating and analysis software customized for your needs, Advanced users may interface directly with the SQL database and use their own in-house or 3rd-party tools to visualize/analyze sensor data.

Note:Supports custom installation on cloud-hosted Windows 10 virtual machine (VM guests).

Some Applications:

In conjunction with our sensor-based monitoring modules, the Model AMS is ideal to help you meet Federal and State compliance guidelines - including those related to the pharmaceutical industry, laboratory research, in hospitals and blood banks and in restaurant and commercial food storage.

The system is also ideal for facilities and server room monitoring and manufacturing process monitoring and control (through SPC). The system has been engineered to be used in literally ANY application where continuous sensor-based monitoring, documentation and alarm indication is required.

View a slideshow of actual AMS operating screens courtesy Mother's Milk Bank Northeast.

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