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High / Low Temperature Freezer, Fridge, Cooler Alarm Monitor

Single Probe, T Sentry Model 140: Product Description


  • Easy to read LCD display.
  • Audio & visual alarms.
  • Adjustable displayable alarm settings and initial alarm delay period.
  • Selectable alarm mute period.
  • Standard operating range (-100°C to +100°C).
  • Available Options:
    • NiMH backup battery.
    • 0.1°C display.
    • SPDT alarm contact output with adjustable relay delay period.
    • 4-20 mA output.
    • RS-485 output.
    • °F display.
    • Thermocouple sensors;
      -Type T for -200°C to +50°C range.
      -Type K for 0°C to 400°C range.
    • Password-protected set points.
    • Switch input.
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Product Overview:

NOTE 1: For multi-sensor alarm/monitoring needs, please visit our MPS Series page.

T Sentry Model 140 systems are ideal for providing alarm, monitoring and quality documentation needed in "condition-sensitive" cold chain storage applications within refrigerators, freezers and coolers. The standard unit operates in temperature ranging from -200 to +400 degrees C. It includes settable high / low temperature alarms, audible/visual alarm indication (via beeper/LED), programmable alarm mute and "chirp" periods, and a UL-listed plug-in power supply.

Other key features include alarm muting for user-selectable periods (up to 32 minutes), optional relay contacts (for indicating a freezer temperature alarm condition and/or power failure) and the ability to hook into an optional alarm auto dialing system. Best of all, setup is easily accomplished for your requirements (watch the video below and see how it works for yourself).

This alarm/monitoring system is most often used within laboratory and hospital freezers, refrigerators, and coolers as well as inside environmental chambers. It can also be configured to monitor the processing and storage conditions inside of heating chambers, conveyorized ovens, and more.

NOTE 2: The T Sentry 140 and all MPS Series Systems have been engineered to easily operate together with our "Alert Monitoring System" wireless data logger. Consult us if you intend to use your new or existing products in this manner.

Additional Product Information:

Power: 9-30 volts DC (25 ma maximum). 120VAC, UL listed main power supply comes standard (220v is optional).
Optional Battery Back-Up: 7-cell NiMH, 8.4 volt 150 ma/hr. Uses standard 9v size (option B).
Charger: 2 ma trickle charger; built-in.
Standard sensor: 100 ohm RTD in 4.0-inch or 2.0-inch stainless steel sheath with a 10' lead wire.
Temperature ranges: -100 to +100°C (Model 140-100), °F ranges are available, (option - F).
Resolution: 1°C standard, 0.1°C (option - H).
Accuracy: +/-1°C standard, +/-0.2°C (option - H).
Sensor options:
Model 140-400 - 'K' thermocouple, 0°C to 400°C, +/-1°C
Model 140-200R - 'T' thermocouple, -200°C to +50°C
1000 ohm RTD, voltage or current input (other ranges available per special order)
Mechanical: Case is black Bakelite, 5" wide x 4.25" height x 1.75" deep, wall mount with Velcro, or set on bottom edge. All wires exit through side.
Outputs: SPDT relay contacts with delay period (option - R)
10mV per degree, (option – V)
4 to 20 mA output, (option – I)
Digital output, (option – D)
Warranty: One-year on all Hampshire Controls products.

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