T-Sentry 140 Product Information.

T-Sentry 140 Temperature Monitor Alarm
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Key Features:

  • Single temperature sensor.
  • Easy to read LCD display..
  • Audible and visual alarms.
  • Adjustable high/low alarm settings and alarm delay period..
  • Selectable alarm mute period..
  • Standard operating configuration (-100°C to +100°C).
  • Optional Email notification of alarm conditions.
  • Optional Ethernet integration into Model AMS monitoring, logging and alarm notification system.

Product Overview:

The T Sentry Model 140 is a stand-alone single-probe continuous temperature monitoring/alarm notification system widely used within refrigerators, freezers and walk-in coolers - wherever material storage temperatures must be maintained within a continuously tight range. By selecting a different probe type/temperature range the system can also be used for high temperature monitoring applications (e.g., within ovens, heating chambers and other manufacturing machinery).

The T Sentry Model 140 includes user-settable high/low temperature thresholds, audible/visual alarms (via beeper and LEDs), programmable alarm mute and "chirp" periods and a UL-listed plug-in power supply. Additional features include alarm muting (for user-selectable periods up to 32 minutes), optional relay contacts (for indicating temperature and/or power failure conditions). and an optional alarm auto dialing system. The system is intuitive and easily programmed for any application (see video below).
NOTE 1: MPS Series systems can be used in a "stand-alone" mode and have been designed to be optionally integrated into our AMS, remote PC-based, Ethernet network data logger/alarm notification system. This allows you to go from "real-time" monitoring/alarm indication to high level Ethernet network data logging for documenting compliance and/or SPC capability.

Video: Setting up the Model T-Sentry140

Additional Features:

  • Power supply:  120V-200 VAC universal switching..
  • Case is black Bakelite, 5" wide x 4.25" height x 1.75" deep (wall mount with Velcro or set on bottom edge). All wires exit through side.
  • Standard sensors 100 ohm RTD in 4.0-inch or a 2.0-inch stainless steel sheath with 10-feet of lead wire.
  • Temperature range -100 to +100°C (designate as a Model T 140-100).
  • Temperature accuracy +/-1°C standard.

Available Options:

  • Auto Dialers (Models AD 2000 and AD 2001): System dials a phone/pager to immediately provide alarm notification whenever a set alarm level is triggered.
  • Remote Alarm Delay Module (Model ADM 215 with Audible & Visual Alarm Indication).
  • Use of 9-volt battery backup (see option "B").
  • Custom temperature sensors/ranges (see option "F").
  • Temperature resolution 0.1°C (see option "H").
  • Temperature accuracy +/- 0.2°C (see option "H").
  • 4-ounce product thermal mass simulator bottle (filled with glass beads).
  • SPDT alarm contact output with adjustable relay delay period.
  • 4-20 mA output.
  • 10mV per degree voltage output.
  • RS-485 or RS-232 output.
  • Passcode-protected set points.
  • Switch input.
  • Wall mounting bracket.
  • Large panel for mounting in cabinet.
  • Wi-Fi operation (with Ethernet output option).
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