Model 140 Product Information.

T-Sentry 140 Temperature Monitor Alarm
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Key Features:

  • Single temperature sensor.
  • NIST calibrated/traceable sensor and system.
  • NIST certificate provided.
  • Easy to read LCD display.
  • Audible and visual alarms.
  • Adjustable high/low alert condition settings and alarm delay period..
  • Selectable alarm mute period..
  • Standard operating configuration (-100°C to +100°C).
  • Optional Email notification of out-of-tolerance conditions.
  • Optional Ethernet integration into Model AMS data logger system.

Product Overview:

The Model 140 is a stand-alone continuous monitoring single-probe NIST traceable temperature monitoring system with built-in alert status notification and optional network software logging. It is widely used within lab grade refrigerators, freezers, and walk-in coolers - wherever material storage temperatures must be maintained within a continuously tight range.

The Model 140 includes user-settable high/low temperature alert status indication thresholds, audible/visual alarms (via beeper and LEDs), programmable alert condition mute and "chirp" periods and a UL-listed plug-in power supply. In addition, by selecting a different probe type and temperature range the unit can be used for high temperature monitoring applications (e.g., within ovens, batch ovens, heating chambers and other thermal processing manufacturing machinery).

Additional features include audible alert condition muting (with user-selectable periods up to 32 minutes), optional relay contacts (for indicating temperature alert and/or power failure conditions). and an optional triggered auto dialing alert condition notification system. The entire system is intuitive and easily programmed. View the video below to see for yourself.

NOTE 1: A NIST certificate of calibration/traceability is provided with each shipped system. We also can conduct yearly/annual NIST calibration of your system if you cannot do so yourself.

NOTE 2: The system can be used in a "stand-alone" mode or optionally integrated into our AMS remote PC-based, Ethernet network data logger/alert notification software. This configuration allows network-level data logging for documentation and SPC.

NOTE 3: If you're looking for multi-probe temperature and/or temperature/humidity network loggers, then check out our main products page to see all our multi-channel and multi-sensor monitor/loggers and network logging alarm products and options..

Video Above: Setting up the Model 140

Additional Features:

  • Power supply: 120V-200 VAC universal switching..
  • Bakelite case that is 5" wide x 4.25" high x 1.75" deep (wall mounts with Velcro or set on bottom edge). All wires exit through side.
  • Standard sensors 100 ohm RTD in 4.0-inch or a 2.0-inch stainless steel sheath with 10-feet of lead wire.
  • Temperature range of -100 to +100°C (designated as a Model T 140-100).
  • Temperature range of 0°C to +400°C with 1°C resolution only (designated as a Model T140-400.
  • Temperature accuracy +/-1°C standard.

Available Options:

  • Auto Dialer: (Model AD 2000) Dials a phone/pager to immediately provide alarm notification whenever a set alarm level is triggered.
  • Remote Alarm Delay Module (Model ADM 215 with Audible & Visual Alarm Indication).
  • Use of 9-volt battery backup (see option "B").
  • Custom temperature sensors/ranges (see option "F").
  • Temperature resolution 0.1°C (see option "H").
  • Temperature accuracy +/- 0.2°C (see option "H").
  • 4-ounce product thermal mass simulator bottle (filled with glass beads).
  • SPDT alarm contact output with adjustable relay delay period.
  • 4-20 mA output.
  • 10mV per degree voltage output.
  • RS-485 or RS-232 output.
  • Passcode-protected set points.
  • Switch input.
  • Wall mounting bracket.
  • Large panel for mounting in cabinet.
  • Wi-Fi operation (with AMS Ethernet output logger option).
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