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Refrigerator, Freezer and Cooler Temperature Monitoring System.

Single Probe, T Sentry Model 140: Product Description


  • Easy to read LCD display.
  • Audio & visual alarms.
  • Adjustable displayable alarm settings and initial alarm delay period.
  • Selectable alarm mute period.
  • Standard operating range (-100°C to +100°C).
  • Available Options:
    • NiMH backup battery.
    • 0.1°C display.
    • SPDT alarm contact output with adjustable relay delay period.
    • 4-20 mA output.
    • RS-485 output.
    • °F display.
    • Thermocouple sensors;
      -Type T for -200°C to +50°C range.
      -Type K for 0°C to 400°C range.
    • Password-protected set points.
    • Switch input.
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Product Overview:

NOTE 1: For multi-type/multi-sensor applications, visit our MPS Series monitoring alarm system page.

The T Sentry Model 140 is a stand-alone single probe temperature monitoring/alarm notification system widely used within refrigerators, freezers and walk-in coolers where storage temperatures must be maintained within a tight range. By selecting probe type/range the system can also be used in high temperature applications (e.g., within ovens, heating chambers and manufacturing processes). Sensor selection enables the unit to operate between -200 to +400 degrees C.

For any application, the T Sentry Model 140 includes settable high/low temperature thresholds, audible/visual alarms (via beeper and LEDs), programmable alarm mute and "chirp" periods and a UL-listed plug-in power supply. Additional features include alarm muting (for user-selectable periods up to 32 minutes), optional relay contacts (for indicating temperature and/or power failure conditions) and an optional alarm auto dialing system. The system is easily programmed for any application (view the video below to see for yourself).

In addition, both the T Sentry 140 and MPS Series can be used as "stand-alone" systems which can LATER be integrated into our AMS, PC-based Ethernet network data logger/alarm notification system (using wired and/or wireless connections). This allows you to grow into complete statistical process control while maintaining real-time monitoring and alarm indication.

Additional Product Features:

Power: 9-30 volts DC (25 ma maximum). 120VAC, UL listed main power supply comes standard (220v is optional).
Optional Battery Back-Up: 7-cell NiMH, 8.4 volt 150 ma/hr. Uses standard 9v size (option B).
Charger: 2 ma trickle charger; built-in.
Standard sensor: 100 ohm RTD in 4.0-inch or 2.0-inch stainless steel sheath with a 10' lead wire.
Temperature ranges: -100 to +100°C (Model 140-100), °F ranges are available, (option - F).
Resolution: 1°C standard, 0.1°C (option - H).
Accuracy: +/-1°C standard, +/-0.2°C (option - H).
Sensor options:
Model 140-400 - 'K' thermocouple, 0°C to 400°C, +/-1°C
Model 140-200R - 'T' thermocouple, -200°C to +50°C
1000 ohm RTD, voltage or current input (other ranges available per special order)
Mechanical: Case is black Bakelite, 5" wide x 4.25" height x 1.75" deep, wall mount with Velcro, or set on bottom edge. All wires exit through side.
Outputs: SPDT relay contacts with delay period (option - R)
10mV per degree, (option – V)
4 to 20 mA output, (option – I)
Digital output, (option – D)
Warranty: One-year on all Hampshire Controls products.

Model T Sentry 140 Documentation:

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