Model CA5000-N LN2 Freezer Backup Product Information.

Model CA5000  LN2: Ultra Cold Freezer Cryo Tank Temperature Monitor Alarm with Liquid CO2 Backup Injection
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Key Features:

  • 48-hours minimum back-up time on one, 65-liter cylinder of LN2 at -65 °C while on main power.
  • 24-hour battery back-up in case of main power failure.
  • Digital display of interior freezer temperature, user programmable alarm set-points and coolant injection rates.
  • Relay for connecting to any auto dialing or remote alarm.
  • Door safety interlock switch input to prevent injection of cryogenic liquid when door is open.
  • Large capacity, maintenance-free battery and status indicator for disconnected or low battery conditions.
  • Exceptional value for functionality.

Product Overview:

The CA5000-N system provides the ultimate in freezer backup protection for any ultra low temperature cold storage application. Not only does it provide monitoring/alarm and battery backup operation for cryogenic cold storage, it exceeds competitive system capabilities by incorporating rate-adjustable backup injection of LN2 into your freezer.
NOTE: Click here for our Model CA5000 C02 monitor/alarm if your freezer needs C02 backup injection.
Unlike other competitive units, this system enables the end user to adjust ON/OFF backup coolant injection rates. It is shipped from our U.S. factory with default injection rate settings, however, injection rates are user adjustable.
Should a serious mechanical failure or a long-term power failure occur, the CA5000-N will activate injection cooling after a user-designated period. Once initiated, it will then inject LN2 coolant directly into your ultra low temperature freezer or cooler cabinet.

This additional capability is critical for the safe storage of genetic materials, vaccines, virus samples, IVF materials, biopharmaceuticals and other temperature-sensitive materials that must be maintained within a tight ultra low temperature range.

The system is simple to program and includes the ability to set alarm temperature conditions, alarm delay periods and backup injection initiation conditions. The system  also safely stores ALL programmed operating parameters within a non-volatile memory.

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