Model 'Air Flow Monitor' Product Information. 

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Key Features:

  • Low range version: 50 to 500 FPM.
  • High range version: 500 to 2500 FPM.
  • Audible and visual alert status indication.
  • Audible alarm mute with ring back so no alarm is forgotten.
  • Easy probe, power and relay output connections.
  • SPDT for remote alert status alarm output.
  • Optional wall mounting bracket.

Product Overview/Usage:

Hampshire Controls' "Air Flow Monitor" is a single probe instrument used for continuous monitoring of mass air flow levels within laboratory biosafety cabinet/laminar flow hoods which includes audible/visual alarm status indication of high and low flow levels and an (SPDT) output for alarm status indication.

For monitoring air flow, a single, 5/16" diameter RTD probe is used. Once it is inserted into the flow stream properly (see video below), it will respond rapidly, accurately and repeatably. After optimizing your probe position, you only need to set the flow value to "just above" the acceptable desired audible/visual alert status indication threshold. Then you're all set!

Should air flow rates change based on your established alert condition trip point, a yellow indicator light will illuminate. And, if the flow rate drops below an established set-point value for approximately 10 seconds, a red status indicator will begin to flash and an audible alarm will sound.

The flow range for standard configurations is between 50 and 500 feet/minute (low-range version), or between 500-2500 feet/minute (high-range versions). Standard units are designed for operation in air streams with temperatures between 18°C and 28°C. However, other temperature and flow ranges are available upon request.

Above video: Setting up and using the Model "Air Flow Monitor" (8-minutes).

Available Options:

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