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Backup LN2 / C02 Injection System, Temp Alarm Monitor and
Closed-Loop Temperature Control System.

CA 5000 and CA 5000 N: Product Information

CA 5000 Freezer Alarm Monitor System with Closed-Loop Freezer Control Using Liquid Carbon Dioxide Backup Injection.CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE


  • 24-hour battery back-up in case of main power failure.
  • Digital display of interior freezer temperature, alarm set-point and freezer operating temperature.
  • Relay for connecting to any CMS II data logger, auto dialing alarm or remote alarm.
  • Lid switch input for safe injection of cryogenic LN2 or C02 liquid into freezers/coolers for emergency closed-loop temperature control.
  • Large capacity, no maintenance battery (with charger).
  • Exception value for functionality.
Model CA 5000 N, Freezer Alarm Monitor System with Closed-Loop Freezer Control Using Liquid Nitrogen Backup Injection.
Rear View of Freezer Alarm and Freezer Control System - Model CA 5000 AND CA 5000 N by Hampshire Controls.

Product Overview:

CA-5000 Series Systems are THE ONLY freezer/refrigerator alarm monitoring systems that also provide closed-loop control of internal freezer/refrigerator temperatures in the event of cooling system failure. To maintain desired storage temperatures during system failure, the unit injects either carbon dioxide or liquid nitrogen through chiller tubes (mounting required) within your freezer to maintain the cold chain until emergency repairs can be completed! CA 5000 Series systems provide THE ULTIMATE IN CONTINUOUS COLD CHAIN STORAGE (critical for medical tissue storage, hospital and blood bank storage, bio pharma research lab storage, and more).

Both models are fully-programmable; including alarm temperature, closed-loop freezer control temperature, and alarm delay periods. Furthermore, ALL operating parameters are stored within a non-volatile memory for continuous system operation in the event of a complete power system failure.

System Setup and Operation:

First, a high-pressure coolant is supplied to the freezer/refrigerator. Next, cooling coils are added to the interior. The unit is then brought online and is programmed to operate for your application. In actual operation, if a compressor or power fails, or coolant leakage occurs, the system will notify you of the alarm condition. It will then begin injecting precise quantities of backup cryogenic coolant into the cold chamber to maintain the preset storage temperature. This approach goes well beyond standard freezer monitoring and backup injection systems, and is the best solution to ensuring product storage safety.

Once you have placed one or more sensors within your freezer(s), and set the temperature for an alarm condition (AND the closed-loop freezer temperature control parameters) then you're all set! It really is THAT simple!

Key Features:

* Internal battery with integrated charger (which keeps the unit operating for at least 24 hours after a main power failure).
* "BAT" indicator that warns of a disconnected or low back-up battery condition.
* Liquid Carbon Dioxide (CA 5000) version: Backup time is ~8-hours min. using a standard cylinder of CO2 at -60 °C.
* Liquid Nitrogen (CA5000 N) version: Backup time is ~48-hours using one 65 liter N2 cylinder at a -65 °C.
* User-programmable setup of freezer temperature alarm and backup coolant injection.
* Visible and audible indicators of system status.
* Multiple level programmable alarm - to minimize nuisance or false alarms.
* Relay outputs for central alarm systems or automatic dialers.
* A door safety interlock switch prevents coolant injection while freezer is being accessed.

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