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Combination Freezer Temperature Monitor with Alarm
AND Backup LN2 or C02 Injection.

Model CA5000 (for C02) and Model CA5000 N (for LN2):
Product Information

CA 5000 Freezer Alarm Monitor with Carbon Dioxide Backup Injection.CLICK FOR LARGER VIEW OF
MODEL CA-5000 C02


  • 48-hour battery back-up in case of main power failure.
  • Digital display of interior freezer temperature, alarm set-point and freezer operating temperature.
  • Relay for connecting to any auto dialing or remote alarm.
  • Lid switch input for safe injection of cryogenic LN2 or C02 within freezers/coolers for emergency interior temperature maintenance.
  • Large capacity, maintenance-free battery.
  • Exceptional value for functionality.
Model CA 5000 N, Freezer Alarm Monitor with Liquid Nitrogen Backup Injection.
Rear View of Freezer Alarm with Backup LN2 Backup Injection - Model CA 5000 by Hampshire Controls.
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Product Overview:

CA-5000 Series Systems are the ultimate in freezer alarm monitoring systems that include emergency injection of C02 or LN2 for extended temperature maintenance of internal freezer temperatures should a major operating failure occur. This two-stage operational approach is critical, since it provides the ultimate level of continuous cold chain monitoring and storage for medical tissues, blood and blood components, medical vaccines and lab research materials. Such materials MUST be maintained within a very tight storage temperature range at all times.

Both models are fully-programmable and include the ability to set alarm temperature conditions, alarm delay periods and backup injection initiation conditions. The systems will then operate for up to 48-hours using its built-in battery. In addition, each version stores ALL programmed operating parameters within a non-volatile memory.

System Setup and Operation:

First, the units' temperature sensor and an output tube are placed inside the freezer. Second, a tank of either cryogenic nitrogen or CO2 is connected to the CA5000 input. Now your CA-5000 is ready to protect your freezer-based cold chain process.

In operation, should a compressor fail, a refrigerant leak occur or a main power failure occur, the system will notify you of an alarm condition and ultimately inject backup cryogen to maintain critical storage temperature. This approach offers you the additional margin-of-safety necessary in order to maintain desired cold storage conditions until emergency repairs and/or product transfer can be conducted.

Key Operational Features:

* Internal battery with integrated charger keeps the unit operating for at least 48 hours after a main power failure.
* "BAT" indicator warns of a disconnected or low back-up battery condition.
* Liquid Carbon Dioxide (CA 5000) version: Minimum backup time is a minimum of 8-hours - assuming the use of a single full "K sized" C02 cylinder at a backup temperature setting of -60 °C, and no door openings.
* Liquid Nitrogen (CA5000 N) version: Backup time is approximately 48-hours - assuming the use of a single 180 liter N2 cylinder at a backup temperature of -70 °C.
* User-programmable setup of freezer temperature alarm and backup injection temperature.
* Visible and audible indicators of system status.
* Multiple level programmable alarm - to minimize nuisance or false alarms.
* Door safety interlock switch prevents coolant injection if freezer door is opened. Also, the system alarms if door remains open.
* Relay outputs for automatic dialers.

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