Hampshire Controls has unmatched experience delivering specialized monitoring, alert notification, data acquisition, and logging systems for a wide range of research laboratory applications. Our single and multi-probe sensor-based monitoring and alarm systems combined with our T° Sentry ALERT Monitoring System network logging and alert notification software package are ideal for pharmaceutical research, genetic research, virology, vaccine development, and energy research applications. These systems are also often used to monitor critical manufacturing processes.

Model MPS Series Temperature and Humidity Monitor with Alarm Condition Notification.
2–8 Channel MPS Monitoring and Alert Notification System.

Using single or multi-channel (wired or Wi-Fi) sensors, our systems enable researchers to quickly and efficiently identify and react to storage or process conditions (such as temperature and humidity) that could negatively impact critical scientific materials and experiments. Our sensor-based monitoring and alarm systems combined with the T° Sentry ALERT Monitoring System data logging software, provide researchers with all the information they need to react quickly to safeguard their precious biological materials and to allow research, data analysis, and statistical process control to continue unhindered. Choosing the best monitoring and alarm sensors for your application simply depends upon your monitoring and analysis requirements, the size of your laboratory, the number of user data groups, etc.

Our sensor-based monitoring and alarm products include single-probe and multi-probe systems measuring a comprehensive range of conditions including temperature, humidity, chemical concentration (e.g., CO2), pressure, flow rate, voltage, current, status indicators (e.g., door open/closed), etc. Hampshire Controls delivers monitors and alert notification systems with unparalleled accuracy, resolution, and repeatability - using the suite of sensors required for your application.

To meet the demanding requirements of the modern research laboratory, all of our sensor-based monitoring and alarm condition systems have been designed to integrate with our feature rich, PC-based, SQL database logging and alarm notification program.

Model AMS Ethernet Network Data Logger with Alarm Notification System.
Sensor-Based Monitoring & Alarm Systems Integrated into the Tº Sentry ALERT Monitoring System data logging software.