TT-150: WiFi Temperature Transmitter Modules with Real-Time Display.

TT-150 WiFi temperature monitors are battery operated (for ease-of-positioning) and designed to continuously display and transmit temperature data via WiFi to the Model AMS (Alert Monitoring System). TT-150 units include an LED display, high and low temperature alarm indication and a single temperature sensor input (see all their features below). The continuous temperature data the AMS receives enables SQL-based Ethernet network temperature monitoring, logging and alarm status indication using customized PC-based software. Typically, more than one temperature transmitter is used.

Model AMS Ethernet WiFi Multi-Semsor Data Logger Monitor Alarm System.
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TT-150 Features:

  • Continuous WiFi data transmission to AMS data logger.
  • Single temperature sensor input per module (multiple modules typically used)..
  • Battery operated modules (using three 'AA' batteries) with 1-year average battery life.
  • Modules enable optimum positioning throughout your facility.
  • Easy to read LCD display.
  • Audible and visual alarms.
  • Adjustable high/low alarm settings and alarm delay period.
  • User-selectable alarm mute period.
  • Optional door ajar switch input capability.
  • Operating configuration -100° C to +100° C or degrees F.

Model AMS: PC-Based Ethernet Data Logger and Alarm Notification System.

The Model AMS (Alert Monitoring System) SQL-based Ethernet data logger monitors, collects, stores and displays TT-150 temperature data and events using customized operating software and its wireless receiver. Advanced users can interface directly with the SQL database and use your own in-house or 3rd-party tools to visualize/analyze data and/or to printout data for your needs.
Based on your application, the logging software enables you to monitor your process conditions from more than one location and document your compliance with pertinent State and Federal standards such as American Pharma safety standards (FDA, JCAHO, VFC, AABB and State Board of Pharmacy). Note: The system also supports custom installation on cloud-hosted Windows 10 virtual machine (VM guest).

Model AMS Ethernet Multi Sensor Data Logger Monitor Alarm System.
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AMS Logger/Alarm System Features:

  • PC-based Ethernet network software for the monitoring, alarm notification and logging of sensor data.
  • Interactive remote access available through web browser interface.
  • All data and events are logged to a SQL database.
  • Multi-user access capability.
  • Data logging rate is user-configurable down to once a minute.
  • Compatible with third-party backup tools.
  • Alarm notifications received via email or text messaging.
  • Extensive array of user configurable options.
  • Audible and visual alarms.
  • Available for 21 CFR Part II FDA compliance.
  • Enables you to meet American Pharma safety compliance guidelines (FDA, JCAHO, VFC, AABB and State Board of Pharmacy).

Some Applications:

This integrated temperature monitoring, logging and alarm notification system is ideal for use in vaccine development, genetic research, basic research, blood/plasma/platelet handling & cold storage, food storage and all types of industrial manufacturing applications. Best of all, all system components and software are customized to fit your exact needs.
Although it's most often used in lab and medical applications, this system can be used in literally any application where continuous remote temperature monitoring, logging, documentation (traceability), alarm indication and SPC are required.
View a slideshow of ACTUAL TT-150 and AMS operating screens courtesy Mother's Milk Bank Northeast.

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