T° Sentry TT-150 (and TT-200), Wi-Fi Sensor Data Transmitters

The T° Sentry TT-150 (shown below) is a battery operated, NIST-traceable wireless temperature/humidity transmitter and monitor/alarm for use with Wi-Fi systems. Standard systems cover a temperature range of -200 °C to +100 °C and 0% to 90% relative humidity in various selectable ranges. The units are housed in a wall-mount or free-standing enclosure.

Both systems also incorporate high and low temperature alarms with audible and visual alarm indication, temporary muting of the audible alarm for user-selectable periods (up to 120 minutes), optional UL listed plug-in power supply, and an optional dry contact input for refrigerator/freezer door monitoring, or data transmission activation.

T° Sentry TT-150 and TT-200 series systems are ideal for remote monitoring and logging of blood bank and hospital refrigerators and freezers, ULT freezer cold storage, and for walk-in environmental chambers.

Model AMS Ethernet WiFi Multi-Semsor Data Logger Monitor Alarm System.
Above: Single Probe Model TT-150
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Key Features:

  • Continuous Wi-Fi transmission to ALERT Monitoring System data logging software.
  • Portable, easily positioned modules.
  • Battery operated (uses three, 1.5V lithium AA batteries, ~1-yr. battery life).
  • -200 °C to +100 °C with variable ranges and probe types.
  • Simultaneous temperature/humidity sensors available.
  • Easy-to-read LCD display, 1 degree or 0.1 degree, °C or °F,  %RH.
  • Adjustable high/low alert condition settings and alarm delay period.
  • Audible and visual alarms.
  • Selectable audible alarm mute periods.
  • Dry contact input for refrigerator or freezer door monitoring and/or Wi-Fi transmission activation.
  • Optional SPDT relay contact output with adjustable relay delay period.
  • Passcode protected setpoints.

Available Options:

• TT-150 (-100 °C to +100 °C): 100-Ohm RTD in 4" stainless steel sheath with 10-foot lead.
• TT-150-RHT (for room monitoring only (no probe): -40 °C to +125 °C, 0% to 95% relative humidity (%RH).
• TT-200 (-200 °C to +50 °C): 100-Ohm cryoRTD with custom stainless steel sheath and 10-foot lead.
• °C or °F temperature display.
• 3-minute sampling rate. Other rates available by request (more frequent sampling reduces battery life).


Wi-Fi Transmission to the T° Sentry ALERT Monitoring Network Data Logging System

The T° Sentry TT-150 (and TT-200) temperature and humidity transmitters communicate via Wi-Fi to our T° Sentry ALERT Monitoring System data logging SQL database software. Wi-Fi transmission is via a standard UDP/IP protocol every 3 minutes, so the data is also available to other logging systems upon request. Consult Hampshire Controls for all available options and configurations.

Advanced users can interface directly with the SQL database and/or use in-house or 3rd-party tools to visualize/analyze data and/or to printout data for your needs.

Model AMS Ethernet Multi Sensor Data Logger Monitor Alarm System.
TT-150 and other Hampshire Controls Remote Monitoring Systems Communicating with the T° Sentry ALERT Monitoring System.
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T° Sentry ALERT Monitoring System Data Logging Software Features:

  • Data logging for temperature and other physical parameters (RH%, [CO2], etc.), event logging, and alarm condition notifications.
  • Independent sensor channel configuration and monitoring.
  • Real-time data visualization in a variety of formats for single or multiple sensors.
  • Interactive floor plans showing sensor locations and real-time sensor status.
  • Email server settings, including contact groups and notification schedules.
  • Email and/or SMS text alerts for system startup, shutdown, power, login, communication failures, sensor alarm, and sensor power conditions.
  • Generation and distribution of reports at preferred frequencies with sensor readings, statistics, and logged sensor and system events.
  • Password protected authentication for restricted users (guests), limited users, and advanced users (administrators).
  • Automated SQL database backup.
  • Remote access through any modern web browser.


The T° Sentry ALERT Monitoring System data logging software, combined with one or more TT-150 and/or TT-200 enables continuous monitoring, alert condition notification, and data logging from more than one location and 21 CFR Part 11 FDA compliance. They also enable the documenting of application compliance per all state and federal standards (e.g., American Pharma Safety Standards, FDA, JCAHO, VFC, AABB and State Board of Pharmacy).

This integrated monitoring, logging and alert condition notification solution is ideal for compliance documenting of ULT freezer farms for vaccine cold storage, genetic and biological laboratory research, blood bank refrigerator/freezer cold storage, refrigerated food storage, and many other commercial applications.

View the TT-150 and ALERT Monitoring Data Logging System at Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast.

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