Model TC 12: Product Features.

Model TC-12 Blood Banking Bag, Plasma and Biologic NIST Digital Thermometer.
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Key Features:

  • Standard temperature accuracy of +/- 1°C.
  • Standard temperature resolution of 1°C.
  • High resolution temperature option to 0.1 degree °C.
  • Temperature response time typically within 30-seconds.
  • NIST "Certificate of Calibration" shipped with each unit.
  • Conforms to 5.6.5 "transport compliance."
  • CAP TRM42470 compliant.
  • Easy-to-read angled LED display.
  • Temperature range: 0°C to +40°C..
  • Includes battery backup for portability.

Product Overview:

The Model TC 12 is a unique digital temperature indication/verification system for blood and other bagged biologics. The system is non-invasive and eliminates the need for inaccurate, non real-time "stick-on" temperature indicators. The system is also CAP TRM42470 compliant.

When blood bags or other biologics are being delivered to blood banks or removed from/returned to cold storage regrigerators, each bags' temperature must be verified. To accomplish this, each bag is placed directly onto the unit's unique "flat bed" base (with custom embedded sensor) and in 15-30 seconds the bulk temperature of the bag is displayed on the LED screen.

TC 12 systems have a standard temperature sensor measurement accuracy of +/-1°C, and a temperature resolution of 1°C. Each system is shipped from our factory with a "NIST certificate of calibration" document. We also offer a temperature indication resolution of 0.1°C as an option.

For more information on system operation, we recommend you view our TC 12 operational video below.

Above Video: Using the Model TC-12.

Typical Applications:

  • Verifying the temperature of packaged blood bags containing whole blood, plasma and/or red blood cells (RBCs).
  • Verifying the temperature of packaged biologics that have been removed/returned from/to cold storage.
  • Verifying the in-use temperature of plasma and/or platelet bags in operating rooms and blood banks.
  • Verification of blood bag temperatures upon delivery to blood banks.

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