Model TC 12 Temp Check: Product Information.

Model TC-12 Blood Banking Bag, Plasma and Biologic NIST Digital Thermometer.
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Key Features:

  • Temperature accuracy: +/- 1°C.
  • Standard temperature resolution is 1°C.
  • High resolution option is 0.1 degree °C.
  • Indication response time is typically within 30-seconds.
  • NIST "Certificate of Calibration" shipped with each unit.
  • Conforms to 5.6.5 "transport compliance."
  • CAP TRM42470 compliant.
  • Easy-to-read angled LED display.
  • Temperature range: 0°C to +40°C..
  • Includes battery backup for portability.

Product Usage:

The Model TC 12 Temp Check is a very unique, digital "flat bed" thermometer that we developed and manufacture. It is a superior alternative for verifying the temperature of packaged blood banking bags and related materials. No more need for temperature indicator strips or difficult to use thermometer probes.
The latest Temp Check system has been re-engineered to more precisely and more rapidly determine the bulk temperature of packaged blood bank bags, plasma, platelets and other biological materials than previous versions.
All standard TC 12 Temp Check systems have a standard measurement accuracy of +/-1°C, a temperature resolution of 1°C and each system is shipped from our factory with a "NIST Certificate of Calibration" document. For more demanding needs, we also offer temperature indication resolution of 0.1°C as an option.
This system is also used in applications where bagged biologic materials are removed from cold storage in lab research and/or when such materials are about to be returned to refrigerators or freezers for cold storage. Typical users include those working in blood banks, basic and applied research labs and in hospitals/operating rooms.
The system incorporates a unique "flat bed" base with a specially-shaped and embedded thermocouple sensor. To determine and verify bulk package temperature, place your sample onto the flat bed base and its temperature will be displayed on the LED screen; typically within 30-seconds.
For more information on system operation, we recommend you view our TC 12 Temp Check operational video below.
Video: Using the Model TC-12 Temp Check.

Typical Applications:

  • Measuring the temperature of packaged blood bank bags containing whole blood, plasma and/or red blood cells (RBCs).
  • Measuring the temperature of packaged biologics removed from refrigerated cold storage.
  • Measuring the temperature of packaged plasma and/or platelets prior to refrigerated cold storage in operating rooms and blood banks.
  • Quality control verification of blood bank "blood bag" handling procedures.
  • Verification of package temperatures of blood products delivered by blood banks.

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