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Temperature Verification of Packaged Blood, Plasma
and Biologic Samples.

Model TC 12 "Temp Check": Product Information

Model TC-12 Rapid Response Non-Invasive Biologic Temperature Check System.


  • Easy-to-read angled display.
  • Rapid response time (~30-seconds).
  • NIST "Certificate of Calibration" is shipped with unit.
  • Conforms to 5.6.5 "transport compliance."
  • CAP TRM42470 compliant.
  • Temp range: 0°C to +40°C.
  • Resolution: 1°C.
  • Accuracy: +/- 1°C.
  • Includes battery backup for easy portability.
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Product Overview:

The Model TC 12 "Temp Check" is a specialized non-invasive temperature verification system designed to assist personnel in determining the temperature of packaged red blood cells, plasma and other biogenic materials that are removed and replaced from cold storage refrigerators and freezers in laboratories, operating rooms and other locations. NOTE: A "NIST Certificate of Calibration" document is shipped with every unit.

The systems' "flat bed" base includes an embedded thermocouple indicator. To noninvasive determine the bulk temperature of any packaged sample, place it onto the flat indicator surface and its temperature will be displayed within 30-seconds (see operational video below).

Video on Using the TC 12 Temp Check System


  • Validating the temperature of packaged plasma and red blood cells.
  • Checking the temperature of packaged biogenic materials removed from refrigerator cold storage.
  • Checking of packaged red blood cell/plasma temperature prior to return to refrigeration from the operating room.
  • Quality control of normal blood bank product procedures.
  • Verification of blood products received by a blood bank.

TC 12 Temp Check Documentation:

Model TC 12 Temp Check - Pricing

Model TC 12 Temp Check - Brochure

Model TC 12 Temp Check - Manual

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