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Products 1-4 below are "stand-alone" wireless/wired remote environmental/process monitoring and high/low alarm condition notification systems for the sensing of temperature, humidity, pressure, voltage, air flow (and more) over time. Click the text or the image for detailed information.

Environmental/Process Monitoring & High/Low Alarm Systems:

1. Model MPS HT: Multi-Sensor, Wi-Fi/Wired
Temperature & Humidity Monitor Alarm System.

Model MPS HT, Temperature/Humidity Monitor and Alarm, 2-4 Probes.


2. Model MPS: Multi-Probe/Multi-Sensor Type,
Wi-Fi/Wired Monitor Alarm System.

Model MPS, Process Monitor and Alarm System, 2-8 Probes of Any Type.


3. Model T Sentry 140: Single Sensor, Wi-Fi/Wired
Temperature Monitor Alarm System.

Model TSentry 140, Walk In Cooler/Refrigerator Temperature Monitor and Alarm, Single-Sensor.


4. Model T Sentry 140-200R: Ultra Cold
Freezer Monitor Alarm System.

Model TSentry 140-200R Freezer Cryogenic Coolant Level Monitor and Alarm System, Single Probe.


Product 5 below is our "Alert Monitoring System" (Model AMS). This PC-based Wi-Fi/wired Ethernet remote data logger and high/low alarm notification system integrates with our stand-alone products (above), and provides environmental and process applications a total solution to data logging (e.g., documentation), remote networking and alarm condition status - to meet Federal, State and local safety compliance requirements. They also enable enhancement of all industrial, commercial and cold storage applications by enbling the use of SPC (statistical process control). Click the text link or image below for detailed product information.

Remote Wi-Fi/Wired Ethernet Logger/Alarm System
(Integrates with Monitoring Products Above):

5. Model AMS (Alert Monitoring System): Wi-Fi/Wired Ethernet
Environmental/Process Monitor, Logger, Alarm Notification System.

Model AMS, Remote, WiFi PC-Based Ethernet Monitor, Data Logger and Alarm Notification System with our Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Voltage and Air Flow Modules.


Products 6-9 below are specialty products designed for use in medical, pharmaceutical, biopharma and research lab applications involving the handling of packaged blood/plasma, vaccines, biogenic materials and pharmaceuticals (e.g., moving them in and out of refrigerators, freezers and ultra-cold storage containers or dewars). Click the text link or image below for detailed product information.

Specialty Lab, Medical and Pharmaceutical Products:

6. Model CA 5000/CA 5000 N: Freezer Temperature
Monitor Alarm System with Backup C02/LN2 Cryo Injection.

Model CA5000, Freezer Monitor Alarm and Backup C02/LN2 Injection System.


7. Model LD 200: Freezer/Dewar Liquid
Nitrogen Level Monitor and Alarm.

Model LD200, Temperature Monitor and Alarm System for Cryogenic Freezer/Dewar Coolant Level.


8. Temp Check TC 12: Temperature Verification
System for Packaged Blood and Plasma.

TempCheck TC12 Non-Invasive Flat Bed Product Temperature Verification System for Packaged Blood and Plasma.


9. Model 'Air Flow Alarm': Air Flow Monitor and Alarm
for Laminar Flow Hoods and Biosafety Cabinets.

Air Flow Monitor and Alarm for Bio Safety Cabinets and Laminar Flow Hoods.


Product 10 is our alarm delay and auto dialing module options page for stand-alone systems (products 1-4 above). Click the text link or image below for detailed product information

Product Options:

10. Model ADM Alarm Delay Module
and Model AD Auto Dialer.

Auto Dialer and Alarm Delay Modules for Hampshire Controls Monitoring and Alarm Products.

11. Custom Systems. Click here to learn more about how our products can be configured to suit the needs of virtually any application.

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