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Monitoring, Alarm and Data Logging Systems

This page provides links to Hampshire Controls Corps' wireless and wired temperature, humidity, pressure, level and flow alarm monitoring and data logging products.

Our products are typically used in laboratory, medical, bio pharma, vaccine storage applications (where cryo storage dewars, freezers, walk in coolers and refrigerators are used to maintain the "cold chain"). They are also used for the monitoring of server rooms/buildings and for food safety applications. Other products include our rapid response flat bed lab/medical product temperature verification system, our air flow alarm monitoring system (for laminar flow hoods) and our cryogenic liquid level monitor/alarms.

In addition, our alarm/monitoring systems integrate wirelessly into our "Alert Monitoring System" data logger. This enables you to fully document storage conditions over time, and in accordance with many governmental and industry standards.

Finally, because we design and manufacture entirely "in the U.S.A.," we are able to provide fully customized monitor, alarm and data logging solutions for any condition-sensitive application you may have!

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