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Monitoring, Alarm and Data Logging Systems

This page provides links to all standard Hampshire Controls Corps' temperature, humidity, pressure, level and flow alarm monitoring and data logging products.

Our family of products (alarms, alarm/monitors, flow monitors/alarms and freezer backup systems) integrate into our "Alert Monitoring System" data logger. Used together, you can fully document and verify environmental storage conditions over time in accordance with any industry, state, federal and/or governmental standards. And, because we design and manufacture entirely "in the U.S.A.," we are able to provide fully customized monitor, alarm and data logging solutions for any condition-sensitive application you may have!

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Products Listing:

AMS - Alert Monitoring System: Data Logger for
Temp, Pressure, Humidity, Voltage and Flow.

Alert Monitoring System in Use with Other Hampshire Controls Products.

MPS 2,3 and 4: Multi-Sensor Wired/Wi-Fi Alarm/Monitor.

Model MPS 2, 3 and 4 Sensor Monitor/Alarm

Model T Sentry 140: Single Sensor Wired/WiFi Alarm/Monitor.

TSentry Single Probe Freezer/Cooler/Refrigerator Monitor/Alarm

Model T Sentry 140-200R: Freezer Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) or
Liquid Carbon Dioxide (C02) Cryogenic Temperature Alarm.

TSentry 140-200R Freezer LN2 or C02 Cryogenic Temperature Alarm/Monitor

Model CA 5000 & CA 5000 N: Freezer/Cooler Temperature
Alarm System with Backup C02 or LN2 Cryo Injection.

CA5000 - Freezer/Cooler Temperature Alarm/Monitor with Built-in C02 or LN2 Cryo Injection

Model LD 200: Freezer/Dewar Liquid Nitrogen Level Detector Alarm.

LD200 - Freezer/Dewar Liquid Nitrogen Level Detection

Temp Check TC 12: Lab/Medical/Blood Bank Flat Bed Temperature
Verification System for Packaged Blood and Plasma.

TempCheck TC12 Flatbed Temperature Verification System for Packaged Blood and Plasma

Model ADM: Temperature Alarm Delay Unit.

Model ADM - Alarm Delay Unit

Model 'Air Flow Alarm' - For Air Flow Alarm/Monitoring
within Bio Safety Cabinets and Laminar Flow Hoods.

Model "Air Flow Alarm" for Alarm/Monitoring of Gas Flow Inside Bio Safety Cabinets and Laminar Flow Hoods

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